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Areas of Practice

The firm offers reasonable rates and novel payment structures to make sure that money never gets in the way of you fighting for your rights or your family. We will never pressure you to pursue any avenue when a more cost-effective or efficient alternative would do.


Litigating the dissolution of a marriage can be daunting and complex. You need an able advocate to defend your rights and bring the matter to the best possible conclusion. In both contested and uncontested divorce cases, I provide competent and experienced representation from inception through trial in court.

Family Law

With professionalism and care, I guide and represent you through all areas of family court, including child custody, visitation, child support, and family offense. I work alongside you and advocate for your needs every step of the way.

Child Support

Whatever your circumstances, I understand that your children come first. A fair Order of Support is essential in order to attend to their needs and is a primary goal of my practice. The strong presentation of individual circumstances is necessary in custody battles, and I work with you to present your custody issues in the strongest and most effective way possible.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is only one of the awards that a court may order when a couple gets divorced. It used to be called “alimony.” I can help you pursue financial support from your former partner to maintain your standard of living and ease your transition back into single life.


I represent the best interests of your business and provide professional legal services including contract drafting and negotiations, business formation, breach of contract, and representation in partnership and shareholder disputes. Please contact me to discuss how I can meet the legal needs of your business.

Real Estate & Landlord/Tenant

I provide skilled litigation and transactional representation in all real estate and landlord/tenant matters, including purchase and sale of property, lease drafting, non-payment disputes and evictions, rent-stabilization cases, lease disputes, breach of warranty, easements, zoning matters, and lease broker transactions. I also have a great deal of experience representing Cooperatives and dealing with the unique issues they present.

Transactiona Law

I offer full representation and service in all transactional matters, including mergers, stock and asset acquisitions and sales, establishment of subsidiaries and affiliates, sales/purchases/leases of real property, contract reviews and corporate governance matters. I provide comprehensive and efficient legal services on both small and large transactions.


I provide expert and professional legal advice and document review on hourly or flat fee basis to individuals and businesses to assist in handling disputes, analyzing and identifying the legal issues, drafting legal documents, and maintaining correpondence, etc., to help you safeguard yourself in your contracts and personal and business transactions

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