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Law Office of Richard Roman Shum, Esq., PLLC.

About Richard Shum, ESQ.

A lifelong New Yorker and resident of the Lower East Side, Richard Shum has dedicated his life to justice and helping New Yorkers fight and win in the courtroom. The Lower East Side is one of Manhattan’s most diverse and culturally rich neighborhoods, and Mr. Shum provides representation and counsel for families and businesses that honors that integrity and diversity. As a father he profoundly understands the importance of having a clear, pragmatic, and powerful approach to family law, and advocates for each of his clients with passion and determination. 

The single most important thing you can do when facing court is choosing the right lawyer. Mr. Shum’s years of experience and success have helped him create comprehensive and highly effective strategies with a focused, calm, and razor-sharp professional demeanor. He masterfully guides clients through every step of the journey to bring about peaceful and beneficial solutions in the quickest manner possible. 

In addition to family law, Richard Shum works with select clients in an array of other legal areas, bringing the same sharply focused and detail-oriented approach that he’s become known for. He also provides specialized legal consulting to both individuals and businesses.

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