Frequently Asked Questions


I'm having some legal issues, but am not sure if i actually need a lawyer. how can i be sure?


Each person and situation is unique, and legal representation can help protect your family and assets, especially when dealing with the complex laws of New York State (and opposition that has likely hired counsel). I urge you to schedule a 30 minute free consultation where I will evaluate your case and explain the services and assistance I can offer as your hired attorney. 

I'm looking for a lawyer, but as a separated and full-time working parent, the only free time i have is on the weekends or after business hours. do you meet clients on off-hours?


As a working father myself I completely understand the struggle of balancing work, parenting, and life, especially for single parents or those who are co-parenting. Legal battles can be an incredibly stressful time for families, and I do my best to work around clients' schedules. So whether that means scheduling a meeting on the weekend or hopping on the phone after your kids are in bed, I make myself available to my clients every step of the way. 

What are your rates? I'm afraid i can't afford a lawyer, even though i need one.


Please call or schedule a consultation to discuss my firm's rates, as they vary depending on case specifics. However unlike other firms, we offer innovative payment structures to help provide alternatives and options to clients in every situation. 

my spouse and i have agreed to have a quick painless divorce, and just need an attorney to write up the paperwork. can i hire you to simply file the documents without a ton of meetings and stress?


Quick and easy is what many clients want for an uncontested divorce. Unfortunately, cut-rate services tend to bungle the process and turn what could have been easy into something very upsetting and expensive. I sit down with the parties and hammer out broad consensus on all necessary fronts in constructing papers that will pass muster with the Supreme Court. Nothing is more frustrating than having papers kicked by the Court, and my approach takes a little more time up front to avoid that trouble and expense. Also, uncontested divorces can sometimes get very contested very quickly, and I am ready for that as well.

I'm a small business owner and need a lawyer to look over some paperwork and draft our legal documents. is that something you do?


Absolutely. I have a wealth of experience working as legal counsel for small businesses in NYC and can assist clients both in the courtroom, and with their transactional legal needs including contract drafting and negotiations, business formation, breach of contract litigation, and partnership and shareholder disputes. Please contact me to discuss how I can meet the legal needs of your business. 

I need an experienced lawyer to answer a question and give me some advise, but don't necessarily want to hire one as counsel. can i call you to ask a legal question?


I've partnered with Avvo and as one of their featured attorneys provide an online service to answer legal questions for readers in a variety of situations. You can see a sample of my answers below, or ask your own here.